The Hyndman Borough Office is located in the Standard Bank building – 3945 Center St. – Suite 2, Hyndman, Pa. ..…just follow the blue signs around the back of the bank.


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Code Red is the emergency-calling system that Hyndman Borough is using to notify residents/property owners/water customers of urgent situations.

To add/edit your names and numbers, click the link below and complete Code Red’s form to make sure you receive urgent notifications.       


If you have signed up for Code Red and are not receiving calls, please call (toll-free) 866-939-0911 for assistance.






·        Link to West Penn Power Website:

All contact calls to West Penn Power (except no power) - 1-800-686-0021

Power Outages (including lines-down emergencies) - 1-888-544-4877




·        Hyndman Borough local-government officials’ contact information:





 Borough Council Meetings

All meetings of the Hyndman Borough Council will be held at the BOROUGH OFFICE - 3945 CENTER STREET – SUITE 2 (Standard Bank building)- beginning at 7:00 p.m. – unless otherwise advertised.



1.               Each visitor must sign in and list his/her reason for attending.

2.               Visitors will have 5 minutes each to speak about their concerns.  Each person must state his/her name.

3.               If you are with a group, you must choose one person from the group to be your spokesperson.

4.               The council may or may not give an immediate response to your issue/concern.

5.               Your name and comments will be included in the meeting minutes.

6.               If you have a complaint from another person, you must give his/her name or the complaint will not be addressed by Council.

7.               If you are attending only to observe/listen, you will not be permitted to address any issues.

8.               When one visitor is speaking, all others should refrain from talking/whispering.

9.               Once the visitor-comment period ends, visitors may not speak.

10.           Anyone who does not follow the visitor guidelines will be asked to leave immediately.


Note:  Questions or comments may be e-mailed to Council ( three days prior to the meeting if you are unable to attend the meeting. 

Meeting dates for 2017

Wed., Jan. 4

Wed., Feb. 1

Wed., Mar. 1

Wed., Apr. 5

Wed., May 3

Wed., June 7

Wed., July 5

Wed.,  Aug. 2

Wed., Sept. 6

Wed.,  Oct. 4

Wed,  Nov. 1       

Wed., Dec. 6


2016 Borough Council members:

Gregory (Todd) Rizer - President

Michelle (Shelly) Ours – Vice-president

Brenda Wallace

Diane Viar

Scott Dague

Doug Miller

Mayor: Newton Huffman

Find contact information about Hyndman Borough officials at:


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The Hyndman Borough Office is located at 3945 Center St.Suite 2 Hyndman, Pa.  (Standard Bank building)

Mailing address – P. O. Box 486, Hyndman, PA  15545

Phone:  814-842-3191                Fax:  814-631-1725


Office Hours - effective October 2016: MON- THURS – 12 noon to 3:00PM.  FRIDAY’S – 8:00AM to 11:00AM

Borough Garage:  Mon. through Thurs. – 7:00 to 12 noon & 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.    

Phone:  (814) 842-6883    (Baron Leap - Borough Foreman)

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